Ruby Turns 96

August 25 and 26, 2019:

It’s just unbelievable that my mother Ruby is 96 years old. Our family took her out to lunch at Red Lobster the day before her birthday, on Sunday. It’s the easiest place to make sure that she gets her favorite combo, lobster tails and scallops! We even split a beer (her idea). I’ve got a handicapped permit for my car, so we had premium parking and just wheeled her in and got comfortable.

On the actual day, Monday, she was the guest of honor at a luncheon in her own home. Everyone there gets a big spread with all the trimmings for their birthday. It’s so great to see the ladies all together around the table at Casa Fiesta! The staff is so affectionate, and they don’t mind cooking enough food to feed an army.

Our favorite thing to do when I visit her these days is to look at old family photos. I started an album for her to keep and it’s a work in progress. I’m still adding pictures to it, both old and new. For example, there is a picture of Ben and Megan in there! I nabbed it from Instagram and got an 8×10 print made on Amazon. She needs the big prints to be able to see them. Easy peasy. There will be a picture of Bailey’s little lady when she arrives, too.

If you have anything like that you’d like her to have or see, just send me the file, post it on Instagram, or send it to me so I can scan it.

She also loves looking at her Louisburg College yearbooks, which she keeps by her recliner. She says they keep her grounded. I’m not 100% sure what she means. But she says they help her remember where she is. I guess you have to know where you came from to know where you are. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Ruby’s Home Version 2.0

Ruby at home in San Diego with Ben and Anne

It has been a little over a year since we first published this site. I am so happy to report that the disposition of Ruby’s furnishings went smoothly as did the sale of her beloved home on Skylark way. Although it certainly served to cut some of our ties to Raleigh, North Carolina, the warmth of that home lives on in our hearts and informs our thoughts and memories every single day.

I thought you might like to see how she’s doing now. Ruby lives in an assisted living environment in a residential area of San Diego called Soledad Mountain. She’s 2 miles from Jane’s house. She shares the house, known as Casa Fiesta (the Party House) with 5 other seniors and a wonderful round-the-clock staff. She has settled in beautifully and gets a great deal of tender loving care. Not surprisingly, she’s a favorite among the staff with her quick wit and her positive attitude.

The video above was made when her niece and nephew and their spouses visited her in February. Here, below, are a few recent pictures sent to me by the staff of Casa Fiesta. If you enjoy them, let her know. Our contact information is up to date on the Contact page.

seniors in hats outdoors
With Maury (left) and Hester (right)

seniors playing with a balloon
With nurse’s aides (standing) Winnie (left) and Benita (right)

Painting by Lillian, with a story

Lillian painted this, at what age, I don’t know. When my mom inherited it, it needed to be restored. In fact, the top area of the painting had footprints from Lillian’s cat, who walked across the canvas while it was still wet.

During restoration, mom asked to have the cat’s footprints painted out. Now…she kind of regrets that decision. But the unique spacing will always remind us that they are still there in spirit.

An antique photograph of Lillian as a very young woman can be seen in the bottom picture.

Antique serving dish

Massenburg antique serving dish, shown with sugar bowl for scale

Underside of dish

Detail of marking

This looks like a piece I saw online that was a serving dish for bread. I read this online about the mark P K Silesia–

P. K. Silesia porcelain pieces are nice vintage collectibles. They were made in Silesia (formerly in Germany and now in Poland) from the 1880s until World War II. But the company was first started in 1860 and its still producing ceramics today. Its vintage porcelain has a lot of antique charm.


Antique Books

Angel in the Cloud and Hiawatha (?) from Aunt Lillian, priceless

These books are well over 100 years old and are in very good shape. There is at least one more behind Angel in the Cloud–I think it’s Dicken’s Cricket on the Hearth.

Vase, age unknown

Beautiful Vase from Lillian, she probably bought it

bottom of vase

We think Lillian bought this for herself rather than inherited it. That would make it early to mid 1900s.